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06. Concept

The Next Iteration

Oxido Sedona will follow the same communal, dispersed unit concept as proven out by Willow House. We are adding features that enhance guest experience and operational efficiency, allowing us to deliver exceptional stays at our target price point.

Dispersed Units
  • 22 units across 6 buildings
  • Shared kitchen, dining and lounge spaces
Tech-Enabled Service
  • Adapting to new traveler preferences for service tech
  • Operational and cost efficiencies vs. traditional programing
Autonomous Experience
  • Amenities and features with low staff needs
  • Empower guests to have a part in their experience
Authentic Design
  • Contextually relevant aesthetic design and materials
  • Using materials, shapes and patterns specific to the region

The Main House

Similar to Willow House, Oxido Sedona will revolve around a central Main House with shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. Smaller moments of community will greet guests at various points across the site connected by a network of trails.

Chic & Comfortable Lounge Spaces
Honor Bar with Cocktails & Wine
Robust Library of Regional Literature
Semi-Private Conversation Nooks
Chef Outfitted Kitchen
Luxurious Dining Room
Inviting Fire Places
Vast Patio Spaces

Guest Rooms

Our guest rooms will be a comfortable retreat with soothing tones and textures, functional furnishings and unique character. Guests will find privacy and sanctuary here when away from the sites amenities and communal spaces.

Expansive Red Rock Views

Regionally Relevant Aesthetic

Comfortable Desk and Bench

Luxurious Outdoor Shower

Private Balcony + Fire Pit


Adapting to Traveler Preferences

According to HotelBusiness, a popular hospitality trade magazine, 73% of travelers prefer properties with self-service tech. Top operators like Life House are following suit with tech enabled check-in, concierge and other services. Seamless for guests, streamlined for operations and effective at reducing the budget required for traditional large staff models.

Virtual Concierge

Remote concierge team for local dining reservations, tour booking or activity planning accessed via our app or on-site iPads

On-Property Bookings

Dining and Yoga Rooms and other spaces can be booked by larger groups of guests looking for a private experience.

Dining Partnerships

Local partners such as Indian Gardens Market & Cafe, one of the best breakfast and lunch spots in town located under a mile away, will be available for order on the app.

Music & Temperature Control

Guests can take control of the music and heat/ac in their spaces to make the environment exactly how they want it.