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07. Amenities

Autonomous Experience

Amenities and Features for Independent Guests

We’ve been extremely intentional with the design, amenities and elements we’ve incorporated. All of which deliver on what travelers today prioritize most, more than service or brand: unique, differentiated experiences. And we’ve chosen those amenities and features that deliver this for guests with little to no in-person staff touch points required.

Wellness Amenities

Bath House + Soaking Tub
Yoga/Movement Room
Cold Plunge & Sauna
Shower + Dressing Room
Outdoor Dipping Pool
Door Closed
Door Open

Our Bathhouse is a moody yet restorative space. Guests are encouraged to find escape here, releasing the tension they brought from their lives at home. Varied temperatures in the Sauna, Cold Plunge, Main Bath and Lounge Pool offer guests the chance to create their ideal experience on their own terms - whether testing one's body and mind with cycles of hot and cold or simply relaxing for an hour or two, slowly exploring the various spaces.

Fresh robes & towels will always await guests in beautiful oak built-ins and refreshments will just be a short walk away at the Main House Honor Bar.

Similar to Willow House, Oxido Sedona will revolve around a central Main House with shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. Smaller moments of community will greet guests at various points across the site connected by a network of trails.

Access to Nature

One of the most significant amenities is the property itself. We encourage guests to explore the grounds and soak in the native flora and fauna. Marked view points, meditation decks and native gardens line the on-site trail network for guests to discover on their daily strolls.

Dramatic Moments

Our guiding mantra has been "they thought of everything," the best feedback we can hope to hear from a guest. Every sight line, every touch point, and every design detail is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on our guests.

Authentic Design

Contextually Relevant Design

We set out to create a property that brought luxury to the site while causing as little disturbance as possible. We paid attention to the shapes, patterns and materials prevalent in the region, both past and present.

From afar, our goal is for Oxido to feel as though it has been there for 50 years. Up close and inside, guests will experience the modern yet timeless staying power of the design.

Center Lot | Main House

South Lot | Hidden Villa

North Lot | The Big House

Delivering at an Accessible Price

We will offer the same unique design and experience at a fraction of the price of comparable properties. By prioritizing our spend on design and experience while leveraging new and more efficient operating models, travelers can get what they want most without paying for what they don't.

Oxido / Amangiri